It is our proprietary device equipped with the PONA sound technology, which will help you dive into the world of your favourite music, giving you many beautiful moments to remember.

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The information retrieval algorithm we use reveals an entirely new spectrum of sounds that were never heard before. You get a wider soundstage and boosted music dynamics. Thanks to our processor, all songs recorded without the excessive use of equalisers and compressors will reveal the rich abundance of previously unheard sounds, allowing you to rediscover you favourite music.


By utilising our PONA sound technology in the ASP AWARENESS LINE device, we are able to eliminate the sound distortion that until now has been blocking the full flow of musical information. As a result, we get a great leap forward in the quality of the sound of the music played.


The processor from the Awareness Line series has fully balanced design. The entire device is modular, so you can easily remove individual modules from relevant slots located on the backplane. The central part of the processor is occupied by an extended power supply with a shielded trafo at the rear panel. Additionally, the rear panel has built-in armoured sockets.

On the front, there is a display, a LED indicator of average input level, and toggle function switches.

In order for the device to operate properly, use the supplied power cable to connect the processor to the 230V/50-60Hz grid with a protective earthing (PE) conductor (PE).

EN Specyfikacja

Mains Voltage 230V / 50-60 Hz
Input Power max 35W
Distortion < 0,001
Dimensions (mm) 440/ 330/ 92
Weight (kg) 11 (24.25 lb)
Right/left input XLR and RCA
Right/left output XLR1, XLR2 and RCA

Key features

The AWARENESS LINE processor uses the cutting-edge PONA sound technology.
The ASP YAYUMA processor is equipped with a high-quality signal fader, so you can use it as a potentiometer to control your power amplifier or integrated amplifier.
The processor is divided into two parts: the analogue and the digital. An audio signal passes only through the analogue part and is not digitised anywhere.
The digital part of the processor is only responsible for controlling the analogue part. It contains 11 microprocessors connected via the SPI network.
Inputs (right/left): XLR – balanced input; RCA – unbalanced input; however, the signal inside the processor is processed in a balanced form.
Outputs (right/left): XLR 1 – adjustable balanced output; XLR 2 – line (non-adjustable) balanced output; RCA – adjustable unbalanced output.
The processor must be connected between the signal source and the amplifier.